Product Details

Residential Details

Here you can view and download individual floor and roof details for your use. If you don’t have AutoCAD, you will need to sign up for a free account and use Autodesk Viewer, a web-based applications.  Alternatively, you can download a free viewer by visiting this link and downloading the DWG TrueView application.

The details on this site are recommended for all I-joists and beams. However, since manufacturers differ in specific requirements, the details provided here are generic. Consult the appropriate manufacturer or the designer of record for information not provided.

For AutoCAD Users: These details are compatible with AutoCAD R14 and newer. They were created at a 1:1 scale and use colors 30 and 134. For best output results, please use the following settings and fonts:

  • Copy the ARCHS.SHX font into your font directory. (ARCHS font may be distributed freely.)
  • Insert details into a drawing using a scale factor equal to your intended plot scale (e.g., use a 48 scale factor when plotting to a 1/4″=1′ scale)
  • Set the Lineweight of color 30 to .0075″ in your Plot Style
  • Set the Lineweight of color 134 to .0039″ in your Plot Style
  • Set your drawing LTSCALE to 1/4 of your intended plot scale (e.g., LTSCALE=12 when plotting to a 1/4″=1′ or 48 scale factor)

To view details, click on a highlighted detail group below. You may then select a detail to view or download by clicking on either a detail hex or the highlighted detail number next to the description. In Volo View, right-clicking once you open the drawing will offer you basic drawing-control capabilities such as Zoom, Pan and Layers.

Floor Details

Choose a detail hex or scroll down.

Detail # Title File Size
1 End bearing with rim board 35KB
2 End bearing with rim joist 36KB
3 End bearing with blocking panels 34KB
4 End bearing in hanger supported by a beam 45KB
5 End bearing in hanger on a top plate 49KB
6 End bearing in hanger supported by I-joist(s) 44KB
7 Intermediate bearing with blocking panels 39KB
8 Intermediate bearing with no load bearing above 36KB
8A End bearing @ intermediate support with no load bearing above 35KB
9 Cantilevered joist with blocking panels 38KB
10 2x() added-on cantilever with blocking panels 40KB
11 Intermediate bearing with squash blocks 40KB
12 End bearing with squash blocks (concentrated load from above) 38KB
13 Deck attachment to rim board 37KB
All Download ALL floor details (zip file) 232KB

Roof Details

Choose a detail hex or scroll down.

Detail # Title File Size
14 Low-end bearing on beveled plate 33KB
15 Low-end bearing on variable-sloped seat connector 35KB
16 Low-end bearing with birdsmouth cut 27KB
17 Low-end bearing -birdsmouth cut- with overhang 37KB
18 Low-end bearing -birdsmouth cut- with 2x() overhang 35KB
19 Low-end bearing -birdsmouth cut- with capped 2x() overhang 36KB
20 Low-end bearing -beveled plate- with capped 2x() overhang 38KB
21 Intermediate bearing -beveled plate- with strap 36KB
22 High-end bearing -beveled plate- with strap 38KB
23 High-end bearing with hanger on beam 38KB
24 Header detail 41KB
25 Outrigger detail 35KB
All Download ALL roof details (zip file) 163KB

Beam & Column Details

Choose a detail hex or scroll down.

Beam &
Detail # Title File Size
28 End bearing at wall 31KB
29 Header over door or window 30KB
30 Beam to beam connection 37KB
31 End bearing in a pocket 30KB
Detail # Title File Size
32 Beam on column cap 30KB
33 Column base 33KB
34 Elevated column base 32KB
this row for spacing only
All Download ALL beam & column details (zip file) 63KB

Accessories Details

Detail # Title File Size
26 Web stiffener attachment 31KB